Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Last day...

Nine hours till I leave... It's been an exciting last few days too.

Sunday was my last Mass in the Cathedral. I got a little teary during Mass, and afterwards. I'll miss it, it's such a beautiful building and holds so many memories.

Yesterday my friend invited me for lunch, and then it turned out to be a surprise party. She'd invited my friends and favourite priest. They even made a beautiful pavola with the letter 'B' in M&Ms in the middle. It was a lovely afternoon just chatting and joking. It really made me feel re-invigorated, I started to really look forward to moving to Sydney and excited about my future. Prehaps finally saying goodbye to my friends helped.

Today I packed up my ca. I've covered in bruises and dirt and my fingers hurt, but I'm glad I got it done early. The most difficult part was fitted my desk in, I even wondered aloud who the patron saint of packing was. I went out to tie up losse ends and said goodbye to friends I forgot I had, most comfortable, some awkward. In the evening I had coffee with friends and went to see Happy Feet 2. We had so much fun. As I drove out of town I realised that this was the last time I'd probably ever drive out to my place. I became really aware of every turn, and especially the lights that sit across the hills of the valley like an elaborate necklace.

Tomorrow I'll be up for Mass. I'll ask my priest for a blessing and to bless my Benedictine Cross I found last week while packing. I'm so excited! My future is beginning!

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