Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Last week...

I'm in my final seven days. I've adjusted the date I'm leaving to probably the 5th, I've got some loose ends to tie up, I need to speak to the bishop before I go about WYD, there was some stuff that went down that was inappropriate, and then to Centrelink about getting set up. I should have done it today, but I keep putting it off, I really hate that music they play!

I got the nicest letter from my favourite priest the other day saying goodbye. I got a little teary, which was embarrassing in front of my friend and her family! He gave me a $30 iTunes card too, which was nice. I've been working on goodbye letters to the priests today. I drove me nuts! I decided to hand write them (despite my terrible handwriting!) on really nice paper, and I kept stuffing it up. I wasted so much paper, but it's a labour of love. So make sure it was straight I put my lamp under my glass desk and a piece of lined paper underneath the nice paper. It was very helpful. I also put a Catholic sticker on each. I'm pretty proud of how they ended up. Now I just have to finish the and bit to go!

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