Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Allelujia - Magnus Dominum

Ages ago, before I knew was Gregorian Chant was about, my Dad brought me "The best Gregorian Chant Album in the WOrld...ever". I listen to my iTunes on shuffle so it comes up occasionally. I just heard the Allelujia - Magnus Dominum. Wow! It's so beautiful, the way it flows reminds me of waves lapping on the shore. I found the score for it too.

It reminded me of how beauty draws us to the truth. Because I found it so beautiful, I had to look it up (or find the truth!) and traslate it. "Lord is great and greatly to be praised in the city of God in the holy mount." I know...Google translate :P I couldn't help but imagine it being sung in heaven, and desiring heaven that little bit more, so I think that's the goodness bit.

At the moment, I'm watching Mum being drawn to the Church by it's beauty. She even admitted today, in her own way, that she agrees with the Church's stance on women priests. I'm so overjoyed for her, I really hope this is the doorway that she steps through to find the goodness and truth within.

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