Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas preparations

Today was busy, especially since I got up so late. I've been making chocolate, ginger and almond parcels for my friends and the priests. Wrapping them. Running out of wrapping paper. Finishing off the Next Generation series. Working on Fr Nicolas' going-away gift. Plotting my Mum's present and staring at my dress which still needs to be finished. This has been my most stressful Christmas and inbetween it all I've been vowing to be more organised next year.

However, most importantly, I've been making more time to pray. I've kinda sucked at it, not praying mornings most days and forgetting the Angelus at noon. This is the first year that I've really put effort into maintaining the 'little Lent' that Advent is supposed to be. It was only towards the end of Advent last year when I found out that it was supposed to be a solemn time, with that sense of waiting. Although, I can feel that wave society experiences this time of year which peaks at Christmas. While it's not a solemn feeling, I think it helps with that sense of the sacred when the world pauses during Christmas.

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