Monday, 26 December 2011


Lunch time!
Well, I had an interesting Christmas. Mum and I visited the bat hospital up the coast. Mum is a wildlife carer, her latest passion is fruit bats, they are really cute and very social animals. I had a couple try to grab on to me for a hug, Mum had about three climbing up her arm at one point. I also got to sit with one of the resident cockatoos, he's partly bald, he doesn't even have a crest. Poor little guy had beak and feather disease. He's re-growing the feathers though, and he loves pats. He lays his little head on your lap and lets you stroke him. He's such a cutie!

I went to four Masses over Christmas, and sung at two. Both the midnight Masses. There was one at the Carmelite's for the nuns at 9pm. It was a bit improv, because it was just a little choir, my friend, her family and me. It was fun though. Midnight Mass was back up in the choir loft at the Cathedral. We had a really cheesy responsory psalm, sung by a woman who insists singing like an opera singer....a bad opera singer. My friend's sister started laughing, and I had to look down to recompose myself, thankfully I was up the back! Our amazing bishop brought up abortion, homosexuality and contraception during his homily. It was fun to watch the women in front squirm. The 6pm Mass was aweful, all the submarine Catholics emerged and the Cathedral was stuffed, I was lucky to get a pew, I saw the regular Catholics pushed to the side pews that are used for Confession.. It was a bit awkward being the only one not using a 'cheat sheet' for the responses. I just wish the Cathedral was usually that full. At the Christmas morning Mass the bishop told us about how their used to be more than one Mass on Christmas morning. I was glad to be up the front, my Mum, friend and I lead the responses and postures, which was kinda fun.

Yesterday I slept pretty much all day. I feel so refreshed!

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