Sunday, 4 December 2011

Parish Family Picnic

One of our priests organises a parish family picnic regularly. Yesterday we went down to the beach. It was a small gathering, probably because of the weather, but it was fun, and we even had the local priest, who used to serve my parish show up, it was so good to see him again. He's from Nigeria originally, at first he had a little trouble with English, and I think the culture too, he mentioned how passionate the Nigerian people are about their faith. But he's such a friendly person and he seems to be settling in nicely.

Me and my friend's brother watching cricket.
A couple of people went down to the river in kayaks. Most of us went over and played cricket. I sat and watched with a friend and chatted because cricket is even more boring to play. My friend then set up a game of ultimate frisbee, I actually got up and played, mainly because I didn't want to have to exercise later. I'm glad I did, I forgot how fun sport can be, and my team actually won. I had problems catching, especially since my pants were loose >.>...but it was lots of fun. I actually have a blood-blister on my foot, so I think that's evidence! I was so exhausted last night I just collapsed into bed, and still didn't get up for 7am Mass, I really need to fix that!

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