Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dress Update: Almost Finished!

Well, I'm almost finished. I spent the day at my friend's place getting her mothers advice (because even Mum was feeling lost!) and finishing it off.

It was interesting using another sewing machine. Their

machine was harder to set, but I really liked the pedal, it was a lot more sensitive, so when I needed to slow down, it really slowed down! I also managed to break their iron when I accidentally dropped it onto the stone around their fireplace. It's bottom actually cracked! I've decided they're getting a new one for Christmas.

It sucks I didn't get it finished for the big day tomorrow, but I already had a back-up dress, and I think I might be more comfortable in it anyway. Rather than worrying about whether my work will be judged or whether it's falling apart as I move around ;) A little more time to work on something is always a good thing.

Back panels
Bodice with straps
Close-up of the straps
Almost there!

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