Friday, 16 December 2011


I went caroling for the first time the other day, I've never done it before. We went to a nursing home with some women front he local library and a number of young Catholics. My singing teacher played the piano, her mother; the violin and my other friend her guitar. We had not practiced at all, so we were just making it up as we went along, it made me a little nervous, and when I'm nervous the edges of my mouth (which unfornuately is what I'm usually using in these moments) starts to twitch, which adds embarrassment to the nerves!

I've never been to a nursing home without visiting a relative. I'm so bad at talking to old people because they're usually deaf or not-all-there and I really don't know what to say half the time lol! One of my friends works in a nursing home, so it was interesting to watch her interact, she's so gentle too. Mum says to just patter on to them. My friend's mum said it took her while to know what to do, it just seems to take practice really.

I'm glad I got to do a good deed this Christmas ^_^

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