Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Adoration and the Scriptures

We had Adoration focused on praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory last night for youth group. It was good to get away from the world for a little while, it always centres me. Unfortunately, we were a little unorganised...well I was. My friend (and fellow youth group leader) brought and organised the songs, despite being busy with end-of-year assignments, and our priest organised a couple of prayers, even though the Parish Administrator is away and he'd be ridiculously busy...I was supposed to bring more...but that didn't happen >.> I need to be more organised!

Ignatius Bible (my bible)
At Adoration I read the first 15 chapters of Isiah. It was so fascinating. It seemed to ramble, but I reminded myself that it has a literary style, so it tends to go on and on. But imaginary was beautiful and that really kept my attention. I need to read the rest of it soon.

I've gotten into reading the Old Testament lately, I've read Jonah and Ruth so far. I found Jonah a little difficult to understand, particularly the last bit where he's sitting under the gourd. However, I looked it up at the Catholic Encyclopedia, which really cleared it up. It's also interesting that the Church regards it as historically accurate. I loved Ruth, it was such a beautiful story! She is such an example of a good woman too, especially since she followed her mother-in-law and looked after her out of duty but also love.

It's interesting how many Catholic haven't read the whole Bible. But I suppose it's because we have Tradition too (here's an interesting article by the epic Jimmy Akin). But it's a good leaping off point. I want to read the entire bible, just to get a more holistic idea of God, in particular Our Lord, and God's relationship with the human race... New Years resolution anyone?

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