Monday, 21 November 2011

I blame my brother...

I've been a brony for a while, but I only just relapsed the other day and started watching Season 2 the other day. My brother introduced it to me before he'd even watched it himself, he'd just seen the brony community explode on the internet.

For further info on bronies click here.

Amazing how you don't remember how much you loved something until you experience it again! Each episode is such a cute little, rather unique story and ends with a nice little lesson about friendship like you should take a friend's worries seriously even if they may appear trivial at the time and everyone has hidden talents that they can find with patience and diligence. The animation is so pretty too. It's creator Lauren Faust is responsible for The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which are both just awesome!

Because of the bronies the show has become really participative too. So whenever fans have an issue on the internet the show responds. Like clearing up Princess Celestia's name, because she's done some seemingly stupid things, for example
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I love the universe too. Like how the ponies each have a 'cutie mark' on their flank which shows their special talent. Twilight Sparkle has a magic symbol because she studies it and Rarity has diamonds because when she's not making dresses she collects gems. They aren't born with a cutie mark either, it comes later in life, like puberty I suppose. Those little rules of a world can really make a story.

I also loooove the memes.

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