Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sewing My Dress

The pattern I'm using.
For the last few weeks I've been sewing a dress on and off. Well, more off than on. I've just started back on it today. I was a bit put off because have two days of hard work I ruined the bodice by stitching the hem the wrong way. I kept missing the tiny hem in little places and the material (which is actually very pretty and falls really beautifully) was very frayed by this time. I was so frustrated because I'm learning all of this at the same time from Mum.

She's been so helpful. I have a really basic background for a term of textiles I did in school, so some of how to use the sewing machine is coming back. I wish I had continued it in high school, but, like my drawing, it was an interest I only developed later when I was ready to start taking my hobbies more seriously, and if I had, I would have never been able to learn off my own mother and spend lots of quality time with her!
The material, Rayon.

Today, we're back at it. Mum's decided to interlock the bodice and it's lining so it's less likely to fray. I think it's also taken us a long time to get back to because Mum has a "bad relationship" with her inter-locker lol! Also, sewing is one of those things you need to sit down and spend half your day doing and, because Mum is teaching me, we need to both be available. It's actually really relaxing, like drawing, you get back to basics, away from the media and it's something you have to focus on, so I find it really clears my mind.

I'm hoping to finish the dress by the 8th, when we have the Profession of one of the Carmelite Nuns and the Ordinations of three of our seminarians. I'm singing in the choir for both so it would be cool to sing and party afterwards in my pretty new dress ^_^

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