Sunday, 20 November 2011

Last Sunday Night Serving

Yup, I'm a female altar server. However, I'm about to quit. I came back from the Christus Rex pilgrimage and just felt so out of place in the sanctuary. I hate to think I'm getting in the way of fostering vocations in young men, and an all-male sanctuary is the perfect place for this. Also, so often female altar servers and really poor liturgy go hand-in-hand. I don't want to add to that, or even worse, be used as a pawn by the sections of the Church who female priests *spew*

So, tonight should be my last Sunday night Mass. I'm a little sad, and especially as I rang the sanctus bells I felt a little sad. However, I do feel relieved that I don't have to go to another Sunday evening Mass. Sunday nights seem to be when the local church stops caring, you know, despite the fact that it's the same, equally sacred re-presentation of the Sacrifice. So, once I quit I'll be going to the Sunday morning Mass exclusively, thankfully where the Bishop is, the best liturgy is, no "Come As You Are" or anything ^.^

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