Sunday, 20 November 2011

No more iPod (fetal position pending)

I had to send my baby off for repairs today. I already miss it! D:

At least I had a nice walk through town today. It was 30 minutes of incidental walking (my nutritionist will be proud) and I ran into a couple who want to know where my awesome Angry Birds shirt came from (free advertising for Jay Jays). Then I ran into Tom (my hairdresser) on the way back to my car. I was so surprised he remember my name...or I wonder if he just assigns them to the hairstyles he does...but he looked me over, and checked the back of it. "So, you did the right thing?" He asked. I assured him that trusting him was a really good idea.

Today I also checked out World of Warcraft battle chests at a few different stores ($48 on averge 0_0). My friend has decided to start up a little troop to go into the world. He called me yeaterday (which was surprising because he hates phones...A LOT) just to confirm that my internet is as slow as I said (0.24 mbps download lol!). So, in order to play I'll have to go over to his, which is fine, he makes good food.

Now I just have to decide if I want to be a Blood Elf, Tauren or Troll...hmmm...

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