Thursday, 24 November 2011

Driving Test

I've booked in on Tuesday for my final test, the DQT (Driver's Qualification Test, or black license). I'm not exactly looking forward to dealing with the always painful RTA and taking another one their redundant tests (where a 2D computer screen supposedly displays a real life driving situation accurately), but I'm going to read the handbook properly and really try to pass this one the first go (it took me three goes for Ls and two for Ps, not including the RTA screwing me around the first time over incomplete paperwork). Afterall, I've put my own money into this for the first time and if I pass it that day I can have a drink that night at trivia with my friends, two great sources of motivation!

Driver's focus at each speed
The handbook has been actually kind of interesting so far. There's some interesting little facts such as:

"Sitting in the driving seat of a stationary car, most drivers have about a 180 degree field of vision. However, once you start moving, this field narrows. The faster you drive, the narrower it gets. At 100 km/h it has narrowed to only 50 degrees – less than one third of what you could see when you were stationary!"

Also the stuff on alcohol is useful...except they use a 63kg woman as an example, let's just say I'm not exactly 63kgs >.>

Hopefully I'll actually pass. I wonder who the patron saint of driving tests is...?

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