Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Nerd Alert!

Okay, I'm a super big nerd, the most defining reason is because I watch Star Trek and love it! I'm slowly working my way through Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I seriously think is the best series of the lot (although I haven't seen the original series).

Today, while I was procrastinating an assignment, I watched the first episode of Season 2. I was amazed how much it had inproved, the camera work is a lot better, and especially the special effect. There was one scene where Wesley and Guiana (played by the awesome Whoopie Goldberg!) were standing in ten-forward (the bar) and looked out down onto a planet. as the scene progresses the Enterprise turns and the planet moves out of view, then they head into Warp. It was really beautiful, and really added an element of realism, or as real as space travel can get.

As much as I love Star Trek, some of the morality is a bit off, particularly regarding sexuality, thankfully the gay agenda isn't brought in as far as I see, I suppose because it was before the homosexual movement gained the momentum it has today. Today they also touched on abortion, as Councilor Troi was pregnant with an unknown entity who's intent they didn't know. Thankfully she looked at the ultrasound images and changed her mind (how else would the story progress if she had just killed it, I suppose >.>).

I think the thing I find most suspicious is the fact that Earth has apparently found world-peace and everyone has given up the pursuit of material goods and all other forms of greed and oppression. This of course means that all of mankind has found a common philosophy. Seemingly atheistic, as there is no mention of a God as seen through the current world's religions.

I wonder where the Catholic Church stands at this time...

There seemed to have been collapse of society during the 21st century as during one episode you see the cretion of Warp technology, which seems to help humanity rise of the ashes and into exploration of the universe. It would be interesting to se where the universe of Star Trek places the Church and other religions in this. I have a feeling however it's probably along the lines of humanity "out-growing" religion, which was "primitive".

But despite the subtle anti-God/organised religion, Star Trek has a basic concept of good and evil, or the secular view of it, a kind of positivism, I suppose. But it really is a fun program and the writing is excellent, very few cringe worthy lines and as the actors developed (particularly Troi) they have just gotten better and better.

Also, the women are actually noteworthy characters. Often women just turn out to be unrelatable in movies and television shows, but in Star Trek they are each really individual, but all very likable. Troi is so feminine and loving, Dr Crusher is very heroic in a still feminine way, and is very serious about the Hippocratic Oath. Tasha Yar with her troubled pass was more masculine, but still distinctly female, even if hesitant about showing it. Best of all, they make mistakes like real women! That's what I want to see in these stories. Not this perfect version of a woman who is always in the right and is a complete smart-aleck about it, but one who feels, makes the wrong decision, even while aiming for the good, true and beautiful!
Just look at the cutness!

My favorite character is Data, the android who wants desperately to be human. He's so cute!! Just look at him! Today, he was trying to be the daddy in the delivery room and he was just so cute about how he went about it! Asking too many questions about the birthing process from the mother, getting worried as the baby started to come and so awestruck after the birth finished.

So you'll probably see some more updates about it. I'm just warning you now!

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