Saturday, 19 November 2011

Latin Mass :D

 We had our once-a-month Latin Mass today!


That photo is just me taking a sneak-shot during the Offertory hehe. I've been going for over a year now, and I've really gotten into the flow of it. I remember how much I struggled at the beginning, I was completely lost. But now I know what's going on (99% of the time), and I even have a really cool little app called the iPieta which has all the prayers of the Traditional Mass. Coming back from the Christus Rex pilgrimage (where we had Latin Mass every day for 4 days) I'm even more in touch with it. Oh and it's a Missa Cantata!

Click for official iPieta website!
Speaking of Christus Rex, we strangely followed the Novus Ordo calender today. So it's Christ the King, but in the Traditional calender 21st Sunday after Pentecost. I have a feeling our Bishop just thought we probably wouldn't be going to the usual Sunday Mass and wanted us to celebrate such a great feast. So I've celebrated this feast day twice this year (not that I mind!)

The Latin Mass is at the local Carmelite Convent, the most beautiful nuns live there, I've been able to meet a couple on their major feast. We even have two young ones! I saw one of them today behind the grate and I had to resist a severe temptation to wave.

 Mum came today too. She's not a Catholic but she did go to a Marist Sister's boarding college in the 60s, so she remembers bits and pieces. She even kept up well. Although at one point I had my iPod Touch in one hand showing my friend the Gregorian for the Gloria and with the other I had to lean over and put her on the right page. She was only a couple behind anyway.

In the parlor.
Afterward, we always have biscuits and tea that the Carmelites leave out. I had the amazing ginger nut cookies (labeled: Ginger Nut - Crunchy). Sometimes we have St Martha ones, with M&Ms. They are always so delicious. Usually the Bishop even joins us (rose cassock and all!), however he had to disappear today because the Bishop's Conference is this week. I must remember to pray for him!

I also love these Masses because of all the little kids running around. I'd love to have a big family one day (at least 12!), and I find it so encouraging because they seem so happy. It also teaches me how to deal with the naughty ones. I tend to be a little awkward around them, I mean, how do you talk to kids? I love watching my friend though. As eldest of five she knows exactly what to do. One of the little boys told her how much he loved salted peanuts while shoving them in her mouth, and she just says "Gee, you'll end up a chipmunk!".

So cute!

 Praise God for the Carmelites! I think they're the only thing keeping our town from completely
 falling off the side the Earth. Without them I'd never experienced the Latin Mass too. How blessed am I?!

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