Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Defending the Faith

I think I know why God let me pass my driving test.

I got into a discussion with a friend tonight about gay marriage and a few other related issues. Thankfully I had a champagne cocktail about a half-an-hour earlier, so I was pretty relaxed and able to answer questions without getting too stressed. Like most people ,I really feel uncomfortable discussing this stuff, I get a pickling under my skin because of the social awkwardness and also the fact that I'm disagreeing with a friend on a deep belief, which Society tells us is wrong because everyone is allowed to do whatever they like *sigh*. It was interesting the misconceptions she had about the Church, particularly about annulments, even though she's grown up in it, in Poland of all places!

For the first time in a long time I actuallly felt like I was on an equal footing with the person I was debating though. I think that's what really put me off it in the past (since I usually just change the subject), I have a feeling that I either got into a debate where I couldn't answer some question, or I've feared being into that position. It always helps when you say a quick "Help me!!!" prayer to the Holy Spirit, which is what I try to do.

The worst thing I think it walking away thinking about all the things I could have said. However, as I've been reflected I think God has only put the words on my mouth that I need to say, and the other stuff was either irrelevant, would have backfired or possibly would have fallen on deaf ears. So I trust that God has gotten me the say what I needed to. I also walked away really wishing I'd had a boyfriend at the time to back me up. The friends I was with tonight form two couples, and this particular friend's husband backed her up, a little. I felt a little sad that I was by myself in the debate and I have no one to debrief with afterwards and give me some reassurance. But I suppose that's part of my little martyrdom tonight.

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